Pinterest: Friend or Foe

Full disclosure:  I love Pinterest.  I have plenty of boards and pins in my collection. I also love children’s handprints.  However, in the screenshot below, the handprints are cute but far from real reindeer while the painting on the right is far from a ‘fail’ and actually a higher quality experience.

Pinterest ReindeerHandprint Reindeer from 23 Pinterest Christmas Fails (Buzzfeed, 12/15)

Pinterest can be a valuable resource when viewed with a DAP lens. A few considerations when searching or browsing through Pinterest (or other sites):

  • Is the experience for the child or for the adult?
  • Is the experience meaningful for the child?
  • What is the child getting out of the experience?
  • Does the intended outcome require an adult to control the child’s body or manipulate the child’s work?
  • Just because the tagline or Pinner says it’s DAP doesn’t mean it is DAP
  • Is it cute or is it quality?





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